Interior Design with clay plasters with ECVET Learn°Earth – construction site course

Interior design with clay plasters, ECVET UNIT D
Its irmelas trial

This course aims at beginners in earth building, both practitioners and self builders alike. You will work under professional guidance and support. Practical work experience will be supplemented by theoretical instructions.

Ausführliche Beschreibung

The implementation of acceptable and appropriate design solutions requires a broad and detailed knowledge of colour and room design. This includes knowledge of the effects of colours and contrasts, the influence of light, of surface division and accents, as well as options for the final surface finish. From the design to the execution, through creation of new plaster mixes and using colouring and texturing additives, craftspeople expand their range of ability in a creative way, and increase the breadth of design options they can offer in.

You will gain practical skills and knowhow:

  • Prepare plasters of different colours
  • Make sample surfaces of different colours, textures and decorative surface structures
  • Prepare backgrounds
  • Protect adjoining surfaces
  • Manually apply to a small area a fine and coloured surface finish coat
  • Make the surface finish, floated or sponged

The course can be finished by an Learn.Earth certificate forUnit D, Level 2 according to the European  Qualification Framework (EQF). More about ECVET Earthbuilding at

Facilitator: Irmela Fromme, Werkstatt für Lehm- und Feinputze, Berlin/Bremen

Date: Monday, October 17th – Friday, October 21st

Duration: 36 h

Group size: 12

Exam: October 21st.

Languages: German, English

Accomodation: The course fee does not includ accommodation. You may book a room or a tent spot at Wangeliner Garten or at Touristeninformation Plau am See.

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